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KLP is Norway's largest pension company

The main aspects of KLP’s public sector occupational pension scheme, including: membership, pension entitlements in connection with change of employer and leave of absence, applications for pension.


Kiran Aziz

KLP excludes Adani Ports


Norwegian pension fund KLP is divesting from Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited on the grounds the company's links with the Myanmar military breach the fund's responsible investment policy.


KLP invests two billion kroner in green infrastructure


KLP has signed an agreement with leading international asset manager Macquarie Asset Management to finance green infrastructure projects.

Sverre Thornes

Healthy return for KLP


  • Value-adjusted return amounts to 1.5 per cent
  • Good results in the subsidiaries
Sverre Thornes

Good annual result for KLP


  • Value-adjusted return amounts to 4.2 per cent
  • Customer profit of NOK 12.4 billion
  • Release of NOK 23.2 billion in premium reserves that is transferred to the customers’ premium fund
Sverre Thornes

Good second quarter


  • Value-adjusted return was 3.4 per cent in 2. quarter,  minus 0.5 per cent first half year.
  • Book return was 1.3 per cent in 2. Quarter, 1,9 per cent first half year.
  • KLP Bedriftspensjon AS is to be sold to DNB Livsforsikring.
Sverre Thornes

KLP Bedriftspensjon sold to DNB


The pension company KLP has agreed a deal with DNB Livsforsikring AS for the sale of all shares in KLP Bedriftspensjon AS. 


First quarter marked by weak financial markets


  • Value-adjusted return amounts to minus 3.7 per cent.
  • Book returns amount to 0.6 per cent.
  • Increasing efforts for clients and their employees.

Historically good result for KLP


  • Value-adjusted returns were 8.5 per cent
  • The customer result for 2019 was NOK 10.9 billion
  • Successful implementation of new rules for public-sector occupational pensions
Duer flyr på en rosa himmel

KLP excludes G4S


Norway’s largest pension fund, KLP, excludes British security company G4S from investments due to risk of human rights violations.

Sverre Thornes, konsernsjef i KLP

Good result for KLP


  • Value-adjusted returns were 6.6 per cent
  • The returns result for KLP’s customers was NOK 4.6 billion so far this year
  • Four new Nordic Swan-branded funds launched
Kumlokk med en krans av gress og planter

Norway’s Largest Pension Fund (over US$81bn AuM) Goes Oil Sands-Free


KLP and KLP Funds are excluding five companies, four of which are Canadian and one is Russian owned.

Jeanett Bergan, leder for ansvarlige investeringer i KLP
Jeanette Bergan, KLP's head of responsible investments.

Norway’s Largest Pension Fund, KLP, Demands Investor Action to Save the Amazon


KLP, Norway’s largest pension fund (US$80 billion AuM), has begun contacting companies with activities in Brazil whilst calling on other investors to take action.

Sverre Thornes

KLP accepts Euronext’s bid for Oslo Børs VPS


Euronext has been authorised by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance to take a 100% stake in Oslo Børs VPS, which runs the Oslo Stock Exchange. In light of this, KLP has decided to sell its 10% interest in Oslo Børs VPS to the Dutch-French stock market operator for NOK 158 per share, in addition to a fixed interest payment of NOK 3.21 per share.

Jeanett Bergan, leder for ansvarlige investeringer i KLP
Jeanett Bergan, Head of responsible investment in KLP Kapitalforvaltning.

KLP remove five companies from blacklist


KLP and the KLP funds ("KLP") has decided to remove the following five companies from it's exclusion list: Grupo Carso, General Dynamics Corp, Nutrien Ltd, Rio Tinto Ltd and Walmart Inc.

Marte Siri Storaker rådgiver KLP Kapitalforvaltning

KLP excludes four new companies and includes two


KLP has decided to exclude four companies that derive more than 30% of their revenues from coal or coal-based activities. In addition, KLP is including two companies given that the oil exploration they were involved in off the coast of Western Sahara has ceased.

Sverre Thornes, konsernsjef i KLP

Norway’s KLP (US$80 billion AuM) divests from almost 90 alcohol & gambling companies


Norway’s largest pension fund, KLP (US$80 billion AuM) is selling out of companies that derive their turnover or activity from alcohol and gambling. Pornography is also added to the list although KLP was not invested in such companies.

Sverre Thornes

KLP goes coal free


By going coal free, we are sending a strong signal on the urgency of shifting from fossil to renewable energy, says KLPs CEO Sverre Thornes.