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KLP is Norway's largest pension company

The main aspects of KLP’s public sector occupational pension scheme, including: membership, pension entitlements in connection with change of employer and leave of absence, applications for pension.


Sverre Thornes, CEO KLP
Sverre Thornes, CEO KLP

Quarterly results affected by weak equity markets and higher interest rates


KLP’s first-quarter results were affected by weaker equity markets and higher interest rates. Good buffers built up in good times provide stability our fund management, and the rise in interest rates we are now seeing will result in higher revenues going forward. The first quarter saw large inflows into KLP’s funds, making the company the largest in Norway in sales to the retail market.  

Sverre Thornes

Good result for KLP


  • Value-adjusted return: 1.1 per cent for the quarter and 5.6 per cent so far this year
  • Book returns so far this year are 3.5 per cent
  • Good profit contribution from the subsidiaries
Sverre Thornes

Very good second quarter


  • Value-adjusted return: 2.9 per cent for the quarter and 4.4 per cent for the first half-year
  • Good profit contribution from the subsidiaries
Kiran Aziz

Why KLP is excluding 16 companies following UN report


KLP has decided to exclude 16 companies with links to Israeli settlements on the West Bank. The settlements are considered to be in violation of international law. KLP held investments totalling NOK 275 million in the companies at the time of the decision.

Kiran Aziz

KLP excludes Adani Ports


Norwegian pension fund KLP is divesting from Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited on the grounds the company's links with the Myanmar military breach the fund's responsible investment policy.


KLP invests two billion kroner in green infrastructure


KLP has signed an agreement with leading international asset manager Macquarie Asset Management to finance green infrastructure projects.