General conditions

KLP shall provide safe pension, insurance and financial services through a secure website. We recommend our customers to read the information you will find on this page.

The online banking agreement 

Conditions and responsibilities for use of the facility are shown in the online banking agreement. You will find these agreements in your online bank - in Norwegian.

Important aspects of passwords and personal codes

All passwords and personal codes are personal and must never be revealed, either to the bank, the authorities, family or others. Avoid having your password written down and be careful how you store your code device, so that no one but you can use your online bank. Contact the bank immediately if you suspect irregularities. Before you log in to the online bank, you should ensure that you come to the log in page safely.

Storage and use of electronic communication associated with the provision of investment services for KLP Kapitalforvaltning AS (KLP KF) - new regulations on sound-recording and storage of documentation, effective from 1 April 2011.

In accordance with Section 10-17 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act and the Norwegian Securities Regulations Sections 10-31 and 10-32
KLP Kapitalforvaltning is required to carry out sound-recording in connection with providing investment services, to store sound-recordings and other types of documentation in connection with such services, as well as to retain such information for 3 years.

Provision of investment services and conclusion of contract

KLP KF will carry out sound-recording of all communication associated with the provision of investment services and contract conclusion in financial instruments, as well as indication of the same, made by telephone. KLP KF is not able to provide investment services that are arranged via channels that are not connected to recording media (this includes mobile telephones). Sound-recordings, and other documentation submitted otherwise, will be stored by KLP KF.

Sound-recordings are to be stored for a statutory period calculated from the date of recording and will normally be deleted after the expiry of the statutory storage period. Sound-recordings for the individual customer will be retrievable by searching inter alia by the time/date of the conversation, the telephone number called and the KLP KF employee who received the order. KLP KF may be compelled to hand over sound-recordings to the authorities and others who can require this in accordance with the law.

KLP KF will not be obliged to execute orders or enter into agreements that it believes may involve breach of legislation.

Designated electronic communication channels

The following electronic communication channels are currently permitted for the provision of investment services:

  • Personal telephones where the communication goes via a fixed number in the Group's telephone exchange.
  • Personal e-mail accounts at KLP or Bloomberg
  • Chat at Bloomberg and Reuters

This means that for example communication via Office Communicator, direct to mobile telephones, MSN, SMS/MMS messages and video conferences cannot be used for communication between customer and staff at KLP KF.

The new regulations from the authorities do not result in other changes in the relevant agreements, including the requirement that mandates and management instructions are to be communicated in writing.

Storage of communications

All communications on designated communication channels are to be saved and stored in accordance with the regulations. Deletion of stored information is not to be carried out within the statutory storage period.

Treatment of personal information on

KLP has a permit issued by the Norwegian Data Inspectorate for processing personal information and processes all information within the framework of the general rules in the Norwegian Personal Data Act and associated regulations, special permits and separate statutory regulations on processing of personal information. Here you will find more information on processing personal information.

Joint Group customer register

KLP established a joint Group customer register in November 2008. In the Group customer register we store information that is in accordance with KLP's permit from the Norwegian Data Inspectorate. We record: name, address, telephone number, gender, year of birth, Norwegian national ID number/”D number”, the KLP company to which personal customers are linked and in what product areas. Recorded information may be exchanged only between the companies in the KLP Group. Here you can read more about where you may accept or if applicable decline inclusion in our Group customer register.

In accordance with Section 6 first part a) and b) of the Norwegian Cancellation Rights Act (Angrerettloven), conclusion of a contract online is considered remote selling in accordance with the Act. The Act makes clear that financial services such as life and non-life insurance products, account agreements, lending agreements, agreements about saving in funds etc are covered. 

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Cookies/information capsules

Cookies are used on our websites so that the site visit statistics are reliable and to increase functionality for our users. A cookie is a small text file that is saved onto your hard drive by the website you are visiting. The text file contains information and is for example used to make it easier to use the website.

Responsibility for errors, omissions and accessibility

KLP considers the information on its website reliable, but can nevertheless not guarantee that the information is at all times correct, comprehensive or available. KLP thus disclaims all responsibility for error, omission and lack of availability on the site. It is emphasised that the website and all information on the site is exclusively directed at users in Norway, unless expressly indicated otherwise.

Intellectual property rights

KLP has all intellectual property rights to the website. Unauthorised use of the site or its content is not permitted.


KLP takes no responsibility for the material that is prepared or published by third parties even if our site should contain links to such sites. The third-party is itself responsible for ensuring publication of its website is in accordance with legislation and regulations. KLP thus disclaims all responsibility for error, omission and lack of availability on the site.


We cannot guarantee that messages sent by e-mail via the ordinary network will not be exposed to others. We recommend using forms/tools/online solutions available on our website to send confidential personal information to KLP. We use SSL encryption.

When KLP uses e-mails as a communication channel to our customers, we emphasise that we shall never ask for sensitive, private or confidential information in these. We cannot guarantee that messages sent by e-mail via the ordinary network will not be exposed to others. We recommend therefore that sensitive information is not be sent by ordinary e-mail.

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