Below you will find more about the composition of the Group board of directors, the boards of directors in the subsidiaries, the general meeting, the election committee and the supervisory board of KLP.

Tine Sundtoft
Tine Sundtoft
Tine Sundtoft is county chef executive in Agder. She was previously Minister of Climate and Environment in the Solberg Government (2013 –2015), and before that business policy adviser to the Conservative Party’s Storting group (1995–1996), regional director of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) at Agder (1996–2005) and county councillor in Vest-Agder county municipality (2005–2013). Sundtoft has extensive board experience from Agder Energi, Statens Lånekasse and Norsk Kulturminnefond, among others. She graduated from BI Norwegian Business School.
Terje Rootwelt
Terje Rootwelt
Terje Rootwelt is the managing director of the regional health company Helse Sør-Øst since 2021. Rootwelt is a paediatrician, MD, health manager and has a doctorate from the University of Oslo on resuscitation of newborns. Until 2021, he was clinic manager for the Children's and Youth Clinic at Oslo University Hospital HF and professor II in paediatrics at the University of Oslo. He was also deputy managing director at Oslo University Hospital HF (2015 – 2016). Rootwelt has board experience from Spekter-Helse and Oslo Science City.
Eli Arnstad
Eli Arnstad
Eli Arnstad was elected as a board member of KLP in May 2024. She has been the mayor of Stjørdal municipality since 2022. She has previously been a member of the Nord-Trøndelag County Council and served regularly as a representative to the Storting for Nord-Trøndelag. Arnstad has been the managing director at Stiklestad National Cultural Center, general manager in Stjørdal Business Forum, managing director in Enova, and group bank manager in Sparebank 1 SMN. She has experience from a number of board positions. Arnstad has studied administration and leadership, public law, and political science at Nord-Trøndelag University College.
Erling Bendiksen
Erling Bendiksen
Erling Bendiksen was elected to the Board of KLP as an employee representative in April 2021. He has been employed by KLP since 1981 and works as a Customer and Sales Manager. Erling Bendiksen has many years of experience as an elected representative and is now the Chief Safety Representative at KLP. Erling has an advanced insurance degree from the Insurance Academy. He graduated from the “Rhetoric, Communication and Management” study programme at BI Norwegian Business School.
Kjerstin Fyllingen
Kjerstin Fyllingen
Kjerstin Fyllingen is Managing director at Haraldsplass Diakonale Hospital. She was previously executive director of Tryg Forsikring (2006 – 2013), divisional director of Vital forsikring (2002 – 2006) and held management positions in the DNB group (1986 – 2000). Fyllingen has broad board experience from, among others, Fana Sparebank, Landkreditt forsikring, the NSB group, the Norwegian Financial Industry Association and various board positions in the Tryg group. She is educated at BI School of Business and INSEAD.
Vibeke Heldal
Vibeke Heldal
Vibeke Heldal was elected to the Board of KLP as an employee representative in May 2021. She has been employed by KLP since 2003 and works as IT Business Analyst in IT Contract Administration at our office in Bergen. Vibeke Heldal has a varied professional background, and from 1989 – 1999 she worked in the oil and gas sector. Heldal has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Administration from BI Norwegian Business School.
Odd Haldgeir Larsen
Odd Haldgeir Larsen
Odd Haldgeir Larsen was elected as a member of the Board of KLP in May 2018. He is vice-chair of Fagforbundet (the Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees) and represents the employee organisation with the most members of KLP.
Egil Matsen
Egil Matsen
Egil Matsen is professor of economics at NTNU. Matsen is a former deputy central bank governor with particular responsibility for the SPU and a member of the executive board of Norges Bank. He has been managing director of Forte Fondsforvaltning and head of the Department of Social Economics at NTNU. He led the Corona Commission during its work on report no. 2 and was a member of the committee which in 2019-2020 assessed the ethical guidelines for SPU. Matsen has a doctorate in economics from the Norwegian School of Economics.
  • 1st deputy: Rune Simensen is director of technology and e-health at Helse Sør-East RHF. He is regularly attending from may 2022.

  • 2nd deputy: Tone Ikdahl is Managing director of Lovisenberg Diakonale Hospital. New member on the board from 2023.

  • Sissel Merete Skoghaug, Fagforbundet (deputy member for Odd Halgeir Larsen)
  • Eirik Johansen (deputy member for employees)
  • Erik Orskaug, UNIO (observer)
  • Trond Ellefsen, Delta/YS, (observer)
  • Dag Bjørnar Jonsrud, YS (deputy observer)
  • Ingjerd Hovdenakk, UNIO (deputy observer)

KLP Skadeforsikring AS

Sverre Thornes (Chair)
Tore Isaksen
Hege Hodnesdal
Anna Camilla Bruno Dunsæd
Ole Rikard Rønning
Christin Schackt Bjølverud (employees’ representative)
Vegard Meen-Tandberg (employees’ representative)
Odd Steinsrud (deputy employees’ representative)
Nina Johansen (deputy employees’ representative)
Tore Tenold (CEO)

KLP Kapitalforvaltning AS

Aage Schaanning (Chair)
Jorunn Ygre Storjohann
Gro Myking
Hilde Aunvåg
Leif Ola Rød
Magne Valen-Sendstad (employees’ representative)
Ida Louise Skaurum Mo (deputy)
Gunnar Børjesson (deputy)
Jens Kristian Bøe (deputy)
Benedikte Waage-Abrahamsen (deputy employees’ representative)

KLP Eiendom AS

Aage E. Schaanning (Chair)
Rune Hørnes
Ann-Elisabeth Tunlie Moe
Mimi Berdal
Tor Jakob Reitan
Bjarte K. Bratten (employees’ representative)
Marianne Martinsen (deputy for Bjarte K. Bratten)

KLP-Huset AS

Eskild Rolstad (Chair)
Hans Vidar Sund
Camilla Qinghuayu Henriksen

KLP Bedriftspensjon AS

Marianne Sevaldsen (Chair)
Rune Mæland
Gro Myking
Alexander Berg Larsen
Stig Even Jacobsen
Harald Ramon Hagen (employees’ representative)
Håkon Ingar Eidissen (deputy employees’ representative)

KLP Forsikringsservice AS

Sverre Thornes (Chair)
Hans Petter Horsgaard
Arnfinn Osmundsvaag
Cathrine Hellandsvik
Heidi Iren Sunde

KLP Banken AS

Sverre Thornes (Chair)
Aage E. Schaanning (deputy chair)
Janicke Elisabeth Falkenberg
Per Kristian Vareide
Anne Bjertnæs
Ellen Winger Ler (employees’ representative)
Jonas Vincent Kårstad (employees' representative)
Roar Bakken (deputy employees’ representative)
Lise Aarnes Brændshøi (deputy employees’ representative)

KLP Kommunekreditt

Aage Schaanning (Chair)
Aina Slettedal Eide
Aud Norunn Strand
Jonas Vincent Kårstad

KLP Boligkreditt AS

Aage Schaanning (Chair)
Aina Slettedal Eide
Lill Stabell
Jonas Vincent Kårstad 

The Company's highest authority is its General Meeting which comprises elected representatives of the Company's owners. The General Meeting for 2018-2020 comprises 173 delegates. These are elected from 22 election constituencies.

Each county authority together with its municipalities comprises its election constituency with the exception of Oslo which forms part of the Akerhus County constituency. Each of the regional health enterprises with its subsidiaries forms its own constituency and the companies together form one election constituency. In each constituency an election meeting is held to elect delegates to the General Meeting. The number of votes is linked to the size of the customer relationship.

The General Meeting:

  • approves the annual accounts and allocation of profits or coverage of losses
  • approves the annual report
  • elects the Control Committee and 24 of the 45 members of the Supervisory Board
  • sets the remuneration of the Supervisory Board and Control Committee
  • approves any changes in KLP's Articles of Association.