Below you will find more about the composition of the Group board of directors, the boards of directors in the subsidiaries, the general meeting, the election committee and the supervisory board of KLP.

Egil Johansen
Egil Johansen

Egil Johansen was elected as first permanent deputy member in 2011. In 2014 he was elected as a director and deputy chairman of the Board. He is the project manager/chief administrative officer in the new Tønsberg municipality. He was previously county chief administrative officer in Vestfold, and has also been chief administrative officer in Porsgrunn and Re. Johansen has also worked for the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and the Aker group. Johansen has a degree in economics from the Norwegian School of Economics.

Jenny Følling
Jenny Følling

Jenny Følling is the county mayor of Sogn and Fjordane. She was previously deputy mayor of Sogn and Fjordane, Mayor of Gaulaer and has held several other positions in the local government sector. Følling trained as an agricultural consultant at Vestfold Agricultural School and has also studied regional and landscape planning at the colleges in Volda and Sogndal.

Karianne Melleby
Karianne Melleby

Karianne Melleby is Director of Corporate Partnerships at StartupLab. She has held a number of managerial positions in Telenor and also has management experience from DnB. In both companies, digitalisation and change management have been key elements of her work. Melleby has a master’s degree in business and economics from BI 2000, and also studied at the London Business School and the IMD Business School in Switzerland.

Cathrine M. Lofthus
Cathrine M. Lofthus

Cathrine M. Lofthus is managing director of the regional healthcare enterprise Helse Sør-Øst RHF. She has previously held management positions at Aker University Hospital and later at Oslo University Hospital. Lofthus qualified in medicine from the University of Oslo and has a doctorate in endocrinology from the same institution. She also has qualifications in finance, administration and management and has worked in the healthcare sector as a clinician, researcher and manager.

Øivind Brevik
Øivind Brevik

Øivind Brevik is managing director of KS Bedrift. He has previously held positions in the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, the Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency (at the Norwegian Environment Agency), the City of Oslo and Romerike Avfallsforedling (waste processing). Brevik has an MSc in ecology and environmental management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Odd Haldgeir Larsen
Odd Haldgeir Larsen

Odd Haldgeir Larsen was elected as a member of the Board of KLP in May 2018. He is vice-chair of Fagforbundet (the Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees) and represents the employee organisation with the most members of KLP.

Freddy Larsen
Freddy Larsen

Freddy Larsen was elected to the Board of KLP as an employee representative in May 2009. He has been an employee of KLP since 1986 and works as a business architect in the Business Analysis group at the Bergen office. Freddy Larsen has previous professional experience from the Alcohol and Drug Addiction Service and Technical Services in Askøy municipality from 1985-1986.

Susanne Torp-Hansen
Susanne Torp-Hansen

Susanne Torp-Hansen was elected to the Board of KLP as an employee representative in May 2013. She has been employed at KLP since 1999 and works in the Training department within the Life division. She is the senior employee representative at KLP. Her education includes law studies at Oslo University and information and organisation studies at BI Norwegian Business School.

  • 2nd deputy: Hilde Rolandsen, owner-director of Helse Nord RHF, was re-elected as 2nd deputy member in April 2015. 
  • Sissel Merete Skoghaug, Fagforbundet (deputy member for Odd Halgeir Larsen)
  • Erling Bendiksen (deputy member for employees)
  • Marianne Holt Holgersen (deputy member for employees)
  • Erik Orskaug, UNIO (observer)
  • Lizzie Ruud Thorkildsen, Delta/YS, (observer)
  • Dag Bjørnar Jonsrud, YS (deputy observer)
  • Ingjerd Hovdenakk, UNIO (deputy observer)

KLP Skadeforsikring AS

Sverre Thornes (Chair)
Jan-Hugo Sørensen
Marianne Sevaldsen
Lene Elisabeth Bjerkan
Camilla Dunsæd
Steinar Haukeland (employees’ representative)
Mona Wittenberg (employees’ representative)
Eskild Tangerud (deputy employees’ representative)
Camilla Gravem (deputy employees’ representative)

KLP Kapitalforvaltning AS

Sverre Thornes (Chair)
Hilde Seem
Gro Myking
Ingvild Dingstad
Leif Ola Rød
Magne Valen-Sendstad (employees’ representative)
Per Christian Standerholen (deputy)
Gunnar Børjesson (deputy)
Bent Marius Undlien (deputy)
Marte Storaker (deputy employees’ representative)

KLP Eiendom AS

Sverre Thornes (Chair)
Aage E. Schaanning
Ida Louise Skaurum Mo
Marit Jakobsen Leganger
Arvid Grundekjøn
Einar Kvien
Linn Eriksen Løken (deputy for Einar Kvien)

KLP-Huset AS

Eskild Rolstad (Chair)
Hans Vidar Sund
Camilla Qinghuayu Henriksen

KLP Bedriftspensjon AS

Marianne Sevaldsen (Chair)
Rune Mæland
Gro Myking
Alexander Berg Larsen
Stig Even Jacobsen
Harald Ramon Hagen (employees’ representative)
Håkon Ingar Eidissen (deputy employees’ representative)

KLP Forsikringsservice AS

Sverre Thornes (Chair)
Marianne Sevaldsen (deputy chair)
Helge Rudi
Cathrine Hellandsvik
Heidi Iren Sunde

KLP Bankholding AS/KLP Banken AS

Sverre Thornes (Chair)
Aage E. Schaanning (deputy chair)
Aina Slettedal Eide
Ingrid Johansen Aune
Kjell Fosse
Christin Kleppe (employees’ representative)
Espen Trandum (employees’ representative)
Oddvar Engelsåstrø (employees’ representative)
Terje Granvold (employees’ representative)

KLP Kommunekreditt

Aage Schaanning (Chair)
Kjell Fosse
Ingrid Johansen Aune
Aud Norunn Strand

KLP Boligkreditt AS

Aage Schaanning (Chair)
Kjell Fosse
Ingrid Johansen Aune
Marit Barosen

The Company's highest authority is its General Meeting which comprises elected representatives of the Company's owners. The General Meeting for 2018-2020 comprises 173 delegates. These are elected from 22 election constituencies.

Each county authority together with its municipalities comprises its election constituency with the exception of Oslo which forms part of the Akerhus County constituency. Each of the regional health enterprises with its subsidiaries forms its own constituency and the companies together form one election constituency. In each constituency an election meeting is held to elect delegates to the General Meeting. The number of votes is linked to the size of the customer relationship.

The General Meeting:

  • approves the annual accounts and allocation of profits or coverage of losses
  • approves the annual report
  • elects the Control Committee and 24 of the 45 members of the Supervisory Board
  • sets the remuneration of the Supervisory Board and Control Committee
  • approves any changes in KLP's Articles of Association.

The following sit on KLP's Election Committee:

Ole John Østenstad (Chair)
Steinar Martinsen
Anita Eidsvold Grønli
Inger Torun Klosbøle
Janne Fardal Kristoffersen (Deputymember)